Congratulations for having bought this SYSTEMPOOL product, and our thanks for the confidence you have placed in our brand. This product has been manufactured with great care, passing strict technical and safety controls before leaving the factory. However, if any problem should occur during the period covered by this certificate, we would ask you to read the guarantee conditions carefully and contact the establishment where you purchased the product.


SYSTEMPOOL offers the following limited guarantee coverage for the original purchaser of the made-to-measure product or decorative feature using KRION™ sheets. This guarantee is valid in all Member States of the European Union, prevailing over any applicable national legislation. Subject to its appraisal of the situation, the company will repair or replace the made-to-measure product or decorative feature using KRION™ sheets for free, based on the following terms and conditions:


    1. SYSTEMPOOL provides a 10-year limited guarantee for all of its decorative features in interiors, or products made using KRION™ sheets. All of these installations and/or products must have been manufactured and installed according to the technical instructions issued by SYSTEMPOOL and by a certified KRION™ processor/installer. This guarantee applies from the date when the product was installed for the first time. Unless otherwise demonstrated, this date will be as shown on the ticket or bill of sale.
    2. 2. This limited guarantee refers to the repair or replacement, at no cost and based on the manufacturer’s criteria, of manufacturing faults that are present according to the period of time that has passed from the date of the invoice. Any work for replacement or repair under guarantee will require the prior written authorisation of SYSTEMPOOL, and will only be carried out by a certified processor or installer of KRION™ sheets.
Year % Material % Labour Cost
1 100 100
2 100 100
3 100 100
4 75 50
5 75 50
6 75 50
7 50 25
8 50 25
9 50 25
10 25 0
  1. Our limited guarantee does not cover defects, damage or faults caused by:
    • Negligent use and/or abuse, including physical, chemical or mechanical damage.
    • Unsuitable or insufficient use, care or maintenance (residential or commercial).
    • Extreme heat as a result of insufficient insulation.
    • Acts of nature (lightning, earthquakes, floods, etc.)
    • Subsequent modifications without the authorisation of SYSTEMPOOL (a certified processor/installer).
    • Inadequate installation or failure to comply with the technical instructions indicated by SYSTEMPOOL.
    • Damage caused by optional equipment not supplied by SYSTEMPOOL.
    • Situations of force majeure.1º
  2. The manufacturer’s liability shall be limited to the repair or replacement as defined in paragraph 2. Under no circumstances shall the guarantee be extended to cover any direct or indirect damage caused to persons or objects that cannot be attributed to manufacturing defects. Neither shall the guarantee cover the cost of any work that may be necessary prior to the repair, replacement or maintenance of the KRION® as a result of lacking easy access to the different parts of the same.
  3. Any claims or notifications of possible defects must be made to the establishment where the product was purchased within two months of their appearance, by presenting the guarantee together with the bill of sale. Should you be unable to contact the establishment where the product was purchased, contact any certified distributor of KRION™sheets.
  4. If SYSTEMPOOL is unable to repair or replace the KRION™ it considers to be defective as covered by this guarantee, SYSTEMPOOL will only pay the percentage of the purchase price according to the period of time that has elapsed as detailed in paragraph 2, within a period of 3 months of receiving notification of the defect and providing the client returns the product.
  5. This guarantee shall only cover products or decorative features made after 1 January 2010
  6. This limited guarantee is transferable within a period of 10 years.
  7. SYSTEMPOOL shall be the only body authorised to certify processors/installers of KRION™ sheets.
  8. This certificate, together with the bill of sale, is the only valid guarantee that SYSTEMPOOL S.A. provides for its made-to-measure products or decorative features made of KRION™ sheets, and no modification to the same will be accepted. Any disputes arising from the interpretation and/or application of this guarantee certificate shall be subject to the sole competence of the Courts and Tribunals of Vila-real, SPAIN.